UMACRAO recognizes members who have served our profession or the association with several awards. The UMACRAO Special Recognition Committee votes on nominations, and forwards to the UMACRAO executive board for final approval. Awards are presented at the fall annual meeting. The following is a description of the UMACRAO awards:

Exemplary Service Award
This award celebrates the outstanding contribution of an individual to the Association and/or the profession. It is the highest UMACRAO award recognizing leadership and professionalism .

Honorary Life Membership
This award is given to individuals who are retiring or leaving the profession who have made significant contributions to UMACRAO.

Staff Support Award
This award recognizes the contribution of support staff to their institutions and the Association.

Exemplary New Member Award
The Exemplary New Member Award is given to a UMACRAO member who, up to his/her fifth year of membership, has made an exceptional or unique contribution to the organization and demonstrates promise as a future UMACRAO leader.


Special Recognition Nomination Form

    Descriptions for each award shown above



2015Suzanne AndersonUniversity of North DakotaHonorary Life Membership
2015Kelly PalmerCoe CollegeStaff Support
2015Sara VandeKampAugustana CollegeExemplary New Member
2014Karen FlueggeMinnesota State University-MankatoHonorary Lifetime Membership
2014Wendy MulderUniversity of Northern IowaStaff Support Award
2014Jodi PierceNorth Dakota State UniversityStaff Support Award
2014Meghan TruemanUniversity of ManitobaExemplary New Member
2014Katrina ChapmanBethel UniversityExemplary New Member
2013Susan BattlesConcordia UniversityExemplary Service
2013Chance McWorthyMount Mercy University Exemplary New Member
2012Ingrid NuttallUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesExemplary Service*
2012Rhonda KitchNorth Dakota State UniversityExemplary Service*
2012Lori BeselerWinona State UniversityExemplary Service
2012Jennifer LoveUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesExemplary New Member
2011Kathy JonesIowa State UniversityHonorary Lifetime Membership
2011Mary KoskanUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities Honorary Lifetime Membership
2011Jason ClappMount Mercy CollegeExemplary New Member
2010Kasi WilliamsonUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesExemplary New Member
2010Dan JohnsonLake Region State CollegeExemplary Service
2010Carl StangeWinona State UniversityExemplary Service
2009Heather SoleimNorth Dakota State UniversityExemplary Service
2009Karen FlueggeMinnesota State University, MankatoExemplary Service
2009Kristie VorthermsSoutheast Technical InstituteExemplary Service
2009Kristin TomanekNorth Dakota State UniversityStaff Support Award
2009Mary IversonMayville State UniversityHonorary Lifetime Membership
2009Monte JohnsonValley City State UniversityHonorary Lifetime Membership
2009Carol StalheimConcordia CollegeHonorary Lifetime Membership
2008Tina FalknerUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesExemplary Service
2008Phyllis ThompsonUniversity of Sioux FallsHonorary Lifetime Membership
2008Dave GjerdeMinnesota State University, MankatoHonorary Lifetime Membership
2007Vickie RobertsUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesExemplary Service
2007Margo MuellerUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesExemplary Service
2007Mary IversonMayville State UniversityExemplary Service
2007Phyllis ThompsonUniversity of Sioux FallsExemplary Service
2007Julie FellUniversity of IowaExemplary New Member
2007Karla Mae EllingIowa State UniversityExemplary New Member
2007Sarah HarrisUniversity of IowaExemplary New Member
2006LaurieTralleMnSCUExemplary Service
2006Heidi KippenhanUniversity of North DakotaExemplary Service
2006Ingrid NuttallUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesExemplary New Member
2006Brain SteenersonUniversity of North DakotaHonorary Lifetime Membership
2005Sue Van VoorhisUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesExemplary Service
2005Jackie CarlsonUniversity of Minnesota, DuluthExemplary Service
2005Char HulsebusIowa State UniversityExemplary Service
2004Laura FoeringIowa State UniversityExemplary Service
2004Debbie HendersonUniversity of MinnesotaStaff Support Award
2004Dave GjerdeMinnesota State University, MankatoExemplary Service


 *2012 Exemplary Service also was awarded to Amy Gleason and Ed Lee of WACRAO at the joint conference.