Join UMACRAO listserv

The UMACRAO mailing list provides you with up-to-date information relevant for UMACRAO members. The list is a way to dialogue with other members by sharing expertise and announcements in higher education as well as the UMACRAO organization.


  • Send an email message to Rhonda Kitch, membership chair, at with the word subscribe as the message body.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you are subscribed.


To post a message to all UMACRAO members on the list, send your message to Remember that all members subscribed to the list will get your message. If you reply to the posting, everyone will receive your answer.

To reply to an individual, you must send a separate email to the person. List users have seen some funny (and a bit embarrassing) personal conversations between people who didn’t pay attention to this important detail.

Please use the listserv responsibly; no solicitations please!